Delivery Management Reimagined

Track your fleet, connect with customers and document deliveries, all in one app

Real-time tracking, route optimization and a streamlined workflow will boost your efficiency and revolutionize your delivery experience.


Live Vehicle Tracking

Never miss a delivery. See exactly where each of your drivers are and what tasks they are doing, in real time.

Proof of Delivery

Guarantee safe and timely deliveries using signature capture and photo proof of delivery from the app.

Real Time Accountability

See exactly where, when, and how long your drivers take to complete each stop, with live geotagging and timestamps.

Customer Notifications

Earn your customers' trust by texting them estimated arrival times based on live traffic conditions.

Route Optimization

Save hours planning routes and get more deliveries done each day with our app's built in route optimization tool.

Custom Integrations

Build a full stack logistics system with us. Robust APIs and webhooks make it easy to sync Parcelizer with your backend.

A seamless delivery journey

Parcelizer is smart, affordable, and very easy to use.


Start by downloading our iOS and Android driver apps.


Upload and assign stops to drivers via spreadsheet or direct API integration. Send updates to drivers in real time.


Monitor your drivers, assigned packages, and delivery statuses on a live map.


Send your customers a signature or photo proof of delivery when a package is successfully delivered.


Never Miss a Delivery

Stay on top of your daily deliveries with live map tracking. Your team knows where each package is and when it is scheduled to arrive, freeing them to create memorable service experiences for customers.


Save Time And Money

Plan your route in seconds with our route optimization tool. Our optimization engine guarantees the shortest route for your drivers so your customers can get their packages on time, every time. The optimization takes into account time windows, priorities, package loads and vehicle capacity constraints.


Keep Your Customers Informed

Send your customers customized text or email notifications to let them know exactly when their packages will arrive. These predicted ETAs are updated throughout the day and come with a live tracking link that your customers can use to see where their driver is just before he gets there.


Available on Android & iOS